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Description: Manhole cover accessories are components used to help remove the manhole covers from their positions. The magnetic manhole cover lifters are recommended because they are easy to use without causing strain on the user's back. They are safe to use all the time including during rainy, icy, and snowy conditions. But for the lifters to work well, you need to have the right accessories.One of the crucial accessories is a magnet. The best option is the rare earth lift magnets because they are strong and can be used to lift very heavy covers. Another advantage of these magnets is that they do not require power supply. Therefore, you can easily move with them opening one manhole after another.Another crucial accessory is the collapsible dolly. The dolly is assembled to form a lever with long arms on one end and the magnet is fitted on the other end. Other accessories include wheels that work with the dolly, cables, and hangers. Visit us to see the best manhole cover accessories.
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