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Description: Pneumatic magnets are used in rodless air cylinders, which do not use pistons to impact force. Instead, rodless air cylinders use magnetic couplings to change force on a body moving along the cylinders' length. There are no rods in rodless cylinders but only one long piston. Magnetic cylinders have thin non-magnetic walls. The cylinder itself serves as a powerful magnet and uses this power to pull along an external magnetic traveler. The current magnetic state of pneumatic magnets does not change when the compressed air is lost through cases such as a damaged pipe or compressor malfunction. The magnetic couplings transfer force from one shaft to the next, and they are mostly used to drive propeller systems and liquid pumps. To separate the fluid from the air operating motor, a non-static barrier can be placed between the two shafts. Pneumatic magnets are used for various applications including in drive propelling vehicles, underwater remotely-operated automobiles, and magnetic drive pumps.MRO Supply is your best bet at getting bins, carts, pallet jacks, bearings, bushings, and other supplies for industries under one roof. Get the best selection of your preferred item or tool at our store. We have shopping assistants to help you with expert advice on the perfect buy for your specific application. Talk to us today.
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