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Description: Garment racks are used for storing and displaying clothes. They have simple variable designs that have rods for hanging clothes and other partitions for holding clothing accessories. They also have a block or open base structure that stabilizes the garment rack and can be used as extra storage space. Adjustable garment racks are designed to fit into different sized spaces. Portable garment racks are fitted with permanent or removable casters wheels that are easily rolled away. Garments racks are suited for temporary or semi-permanent clothes storage spaces. Mobile garment racks can be used in textile manufacturing industries, temporary clothes hangers in fashion shows, and plays or movie sets. Garment racks can also be used at home as enclosed garment racks with zip walls that protect clothes from dust or dampness. Metallic garment racks are sturdy and are suitable for holding more clothes on hangers. Garment rack designs can be categorized by the number and shape of their hanging bars.Purchase garment racks from the finest selection only available at MRO Supply. We stock garment racks in various styles, sizes and materials to suit every budget and need.
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