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Description: EISA is the Energy Independence and Security Act passed by Congress in 2007 and effective since 2010 to give time to the industry to become compliant in their new designs. The act is enforced by DOE (Department of Energy) and sets a number of rules regarding increased efficiency of many types of devices: external power supplies, residential boilers, furnace fans, furnaces, certain air conditioners, heat pumps, battery chargers, "stand by mode" products, home appliances, walk in coolers and freezers, light bulbs, etc. All electric motors sold in the US after December 19, 2010 must be compliant to EISA requirements and be labeled as such. This applies to both indigenous and imported motors. EISA allows a motor manufacturer and/or its seller to sell its existing inventory of non-compliant motors after the December 19th 2010 date so long as the motors were manufactured prior to December 19th. Although based mainly on self-policing, EISA compliance checks are made both by Customs and OSHA.
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