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Description: Plumbing is a system that helps to transfer fluid to a wide range of applications. The plumbing systems utilize plumbing fixtures and pipes to help convey the fluid under consideration. The concept started in ancient Greek civilization when they started creating public baths. In the modern systems, plumbing serves two purposes; bringing in water and taking away the wastewater. Therefore, there are three main types of plumbing systems: 1. The portable water system: This plumbing system helps to bring water into a structure. Every structure features a valve that allows water to get in. The valve can also be turned off to cut water supply. A meter is used to keep track of the water flowing into a unit. 2. Sanitary drainage system: The sanitary drainage system helps to remove wastewater from a residential or commercial building. It is designed with pipes that drain away human waste and wastewater from laundry or an entire house. The drainage system connects to a community sewer system. 3. The storm drainage system: This system is designed to take away the storm water from a structure. In buildings, the gutters are considered part of the storm drainage system. Other components of the drainage system include pipes running below the ground. 4. The water heating system: This system is designed to help supply hot water into a house. Pipes take cold water to a water heater before carrying it away to outlets that require hot water such as the bathroom. Whether it is a portable water system, sanitary drainage system, or the storm drainage system, it is crucial to ensure that you have the right tools and expertise. The main types of equipment used in plumbing systems include pipes of different gauges, sealants, water filters, water softeners, water meters, and water pumps.