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Description: Filtration is the process of removing impurities from a liquid or gas. It is a crucial process for removing impurities from water or liquid flowing through a plumbing system. There are three main methods of filtration that you can use: 1) Strainers: Strainers are closed vessels (perforated plates) installed in a plumbing system to collect solid particles as liquid goes through. Most strainers are designed to remove particles as little as 0.001 inch in diameter. Depending on your facility, strainers can also be used to remove materials that can be used elsewhere in the production system. 2) Filter: Filters and strainers operate using the principle of blocking large particles from passing through a medium. But unlike strainers, filters are disposable mediums for filtering particles. This means that once the filter has been used to filter off particles, it has to be replaced. 3) Screens: These are filtration mediums that help to trap particles of different sizes in a plumbing system. The screens are in most of the cases used together with strainers.
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