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Description: In industrial plumbing, high vibrations can compromise the efficiency of piping joints. Some of the top options used to address the challenge are the rotary, swivel, and expansion joints. They are designed to help dampen sound transmission, vibration, and slowing down piping joint damages. The fittings are highly flexible and made using non-metallic materials to easily reduce movements due to vibrations.They are commonly used in petrochemical industries, HVAC, power generating, industrial piping, water and wastewater, and marine service. The rotary joints are designed to facilitate easy transfer of fluids and steam to rotating drums for temperature control. In the case of unions and elbows, they help to transfer hydraulic fluid or air in pneumatics to vibrating components. They can also be used to add fluids to mixers in motion.If your system produces a lot of shocks, you can avoid them by installing a swivel joint. They are installed between the rotating parts of your machine and the stationary pipes. This makes them to easily transport liquid, gases, or liquids without extending the vibration to the stationary piping.
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Deublin 157-016-738 UNION M20X1.5 RH 22MM
Brand Deublin
Model 157-016-738
$284.06 Each
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Deublin 902-131-217 UNION 12MM MALE PILOT
Brand Deublin
Model 902-131-217
$659.06 Each
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