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Description: Rotary joints, also referred to as rotating unions, are sealing devices for connecting vibrating/ rotating equipment to fixed piping to transfer water, thermal oil, steam, air, or coolant. The joints use a form of a soft O-ring that stops the liquid from getting to other packages. The soft seal passage rotary joints are common in oil and gas, medical devices, food and beverage, and aerospace. In conventional rotary joints, the seal is loaded with a spring that helps to keep it in position to avoid spillover. When in operation, the rotary joint remains pressure sealed. The joints are either self-supported using an internal carbon guide in most of the cases or externally assisted with mounting brackets.When using the rotary joints and unions, the main wearing components are the seals. They can wear from internal loading forces and friction between the sealing faces. Check our catalog for the full list of rotary joints and unions.
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Deublin 157-016-738 UNION M20X1.5 RH 22MM
Brand Deublin
Model 157-016-738
$284.06 Each
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Deublin 902-131-217 UNION 12MM MALE PILOT
Brand Deublin
Model 902-131-217
$659.06 Each
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