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Description: A face shield refers to any tool or device used by a person to protect their face from harm. Harm in this case can mean hazards such as flying objects, chemical splashes, road debris, and potentially risky materials (often in medical or laboratory settings). Ideally, face shields should be used together with goggles or spectacles. There are three standards recognized globally: ANSI (American Standard), EN 166 (European Standard), and CSA (Canadian Standard). ANSI standards consist of two major categories: Mark Z87 for basic impact face shields that are capable of resisting impact from a height of 127 cm and Mark Z87+ for High impact face shields. The EN 166 (European Standard) shields protect the user from high impact particles at these rates: Mark F: 45 m/s, Mark B: 120 m/s and Mark A: 190 m/s. There are three sub classes in the Canadian Standard (CSA) namely; 6A, 6B and 6C. 6A shields guard against piercing, splashes, impact and glare protection while 6B protects the user from radiation. 6C is for light non-piercing and high-heat applications. Face shields can be made from many sturdy materials but two popular ones stand out. Polycarbonate offers high impact protection for heat resistance, impact resistance, optical quality and chemical resistance. Cellulose acetate (CA) is preferred for the same uses but offers normal impact protection. Get the best selection of face shields at MRO Supply. We stock a wide range of face shields in various styles, sizes and materials to fit any application.
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Adjustable Faceshields - 10 Pack
Brand MRO Supply
$9.00 Per Pack
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