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Description: Quad rings or X-rings are four-lip or four-lobed seals made from a wide range of elastomeric compounds and are similar to O-rings but with higher sealing efficiency and lower friction. They are used for many dynamic and static applications. The purpose of the lobes is to allow the seal to twist and turn without straining. The mechanism of quad rings involves initial sealing via a right-angled groove diametrical squeeze. Quad rings have a narrower groove than their counterpart O-rings which is used to accommodate and withstand extrusion and distorting forces produced by high pressure from the spiral twist failure mode. They minimize the breakaway friction better the O-rings because of their four-lobed design that features seal lines in between the four lobes. One of the advantages of Q-rings is seal durability. Their less-squeeze design results in less friction which results in less seal wear and tear. It also gives more operation life, efficiency, and less maintenance to the equipment in which they are installed. Let MRO Supply be your single source convenience for all industrial products including supplies, tools and equipment. We strive to the leading supplier of high quality tools, supplies and equipment to offer our customers lasting solutions sourced from the best manufacturers in the industrial arena. Talk to us today to keep your manufacturing plant up and running.
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