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LAS 44-10.75 1-7/8 PULLEY

BRAND: LoveJoy | MODEL: 68514427170 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 1800919
LAS 44-10.75 1-7/8 PULLEY

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Weight: 31.00 lbs UOM: EA

Additional Description

Technical Specifications

Bore 1 7/8 in
OD 10.750 in



Variable Pitch Sheaves
5 through 30 HP
Wide Variable Speed Belts
    The Lovejoy Adjusta-Sheave can be a cost-saving alternative to a spring-loaded pulley when speed change is infrequent, such as with seasonal or long-running applications. To change speeds the drive is shut down, the belt removed, and the pitch diameter is set by means of an internal adjusting screw. Set-up is simple because the nameplate has a dimension chart that relates the flange separation to the pitch diameter where the belt will be positioned. The Adjusta-Sheave design incorporates features of the Hexadrive series, eliminating the need for internal drive keys, thus providing more efficient transfer of power and longer life. There are two methods of speed change with the Adjusta-Sheave: it can be used in place of the spring-loaded driver pulley, running to a fixed diameter companion sheave; or it can be used as the driven companion with a two-side moveable spring-loaded driver pulley. This second method actually increases the speed ratio of a drive package, because it can be broadened by changing the pitch diameter of the driven Adjusta-Sheave to extend the high and low speed limits. Both methods are adjustable center drives, requiring use of an adjustable motor base.
Description LAS 44-10.75 1-7/8 PULLEY
Belt Size4430V
MaterialCast Iron
StyleVariable Pitch
Speed Ratio2.1:1
Weight31.00 lb
UPC Number27170
Dimensional Data
Bore Diameter 1 7/8 in
Keyway Size 1/2 x 1/4 in
Overall Length7.370 in
Outside Diameter10.750 in
Max. Pitch Diameter (Dimension PD)10.350 in
Min. Pitch Diameter (Dimension PD)4.840 in
Dimension L13.680 in93.47 mm
Dimension L24.620 in117.35 mm
Cubic inches851.695625 in³
Performance Data
Recommended Power10 to 30 hp
  • Ratings ranging from 5 through 30 HP and speed ratios up to 2.5 to 1
  • All models use wide variable speed belts
  • No lubrication is required
  • Belt alignment is maintained at all times due to the two moveable cast iron flanges