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Description: A variator is a mechanical power transmission tool that can change its parameters or be used to change the parameters of other devices. The device can change its gear ratio progressively and is controlled by a centrifugal force adjustment depending on the rotational speed. A variator operates by using centrifugal force to reduce the engine’s gear ratio as the speed of the engine increases. This way, the variator is able to keep the engine at its optimum efficiency while gaining trading speed for hill climbing or ground speed. The result is fuel efficiency, power efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption and emissions output thus allowing the engine to produce its full power over a variety of speeds. PIV is the leading producer of mechanical gear units for a wide range of industrial applications. The company, now part of Dana Brevini Group, invented the first variable transmission drive and many of PIV’s subsequent drives are still in use to date. Their longevity and sturdiness make PIV variator systems a popular choice.
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