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  • BRAND: U.S.Tsubaki
  • SKU: 397741
  • MODEL: D35B16

US Tsubaki D35B16 D35B16 SB 1/2 HT

$23.77 Each


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Additional Description


Caliper Diameter1.722 in
Chain Size35-2
Hardened TeethY
Hub Diameter1.469 in
Inside Width 0.188 in
LTB1.250 in
Max. Bore0.938 in
Pitch Diameter1.922 in
Plate Nom. Width0.162 in
Roller Diameter 0.200 in
Stock Bore Diameter0.500 in
Weight0.640 lb


Pitch 0.375 in
O.D. 2.110 in
Teeth 16

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Disclaimer: The return policy information shown below is merely an excerpt from US Tsubaki's Terms and Conditions of Sale as stated at the back of all their quotes.


Returned Goods
No goods will be accepted for return without prior written authorization by Seller. Freight must be prepaid on all such returns, and each return is subject to inspection and acceptance by Seller to assure the goods are in a "resalable" condition. A minimum 10% handling and restocking charge will be applied to all authorized returns. Special or make-to-order goods are NOT returnable. Attachment chains returned are at the manufacturer's discretion.

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