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Gates 9246-8105 TP228XL025

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Additional Description

 Category Name Description  Twin Power belts have teeth on both sides to provide synchronization from both driving surfaces.
 Features Advantages  Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation.
 Gates Twin Power belts have nylon facing on both tooth surfaces providing equal load carrying capabilities on either side of the belt.
 Quieter than roller chain drives and eliminates lubrication and re-tensioning to reduce maintenance and labor.
 Belt capacity is equal to standard single-sided PowerGrip Timing belts.
 Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil, and moisture.
 Markets/Applications  PowerGrip Twin Power Timing belts are suitable for all industrial serpentine applications requiring rotation reversal in some driven shafts.
 Belt / Sprocket Specifications 
 Number of Teeth  114
 Pitch Length (in)  22.80
 Recommended Pulleys  PowerGrip Timing Pulleys
 Belt Notes  Gates PowerGrip Twin Power Timing belt part numbers are comprised of pitch length, pitch and width. TP denotes Twin Power.
 Length - The length is shown in the first part of the belt designation. The first number is the pitch length in tenths of an inch. A TP300L075 has a 30.0" pitch length.
 Pitch - The pitch of a PowerGrip Twin Power Timing belt is the distance from center to center of the teeth (in inches). It is shown in the second part of the belt designation by a letter or letters. Part number TP300L075 has a .375" pitch. The letters correspond to pitches as follows: XL = Extra Light = 0.200" pitch; L = Light = 0.375" pitch; H = Heavy = 0.500" pitch.
 Width - The width is shown in the last part of the belt designation. Part number TP300L075 is .75" wide.
 Customer Pack  1.0
 Standard Pack  96
 Weight (Lbs.)  .03

CAD Documents


Pitch 1/5" (0.2")
Width 0.25"
Number of Teeth 113
Pitch Length 22.8"
Number of teeth 114

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