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SE-G45 Tensioner with Neoprene

BRAND: LoveJoy | MODEL: 68514417493 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 1796583
SE-G45 Tensioner with Neoprene

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Weight: 16.00 lbs UOM: EA

Additional Description

Technical Specifications

OD 4.53 in



RunRight™ tensioner devices offer a full range of belt and chain tensioning options. They are manufactured with the standard Tensys™ 10 rubber inserts and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature range.RunRight SE-G tensioners are manufactured with galvanized powder metal parts and are designed for outdoor or oily applications. The Tensys 20 neoprene inserts are oil resistant and can be used for applications operating within a -22° to 195°F (-30° to 90°C) temperature range. RunRight SE-W tensioners enable a reduction of tensioning force of up to 40% when compared to the SE and SE-G tensioners. The Tensys 40 heat resistant rubber inserts are ideal for applications operating within a 180° to 250°F (80° to 120°C) temperature range. RunRight SE-R tensioners are for use on internal combustion engines and compressors. They are manufactured with powder metal or cast iron housings, fully welded steel arms and inner square, come with the standard Tensys 10 rubber inserts and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature range.The SE11 to SE27 housings are manufactured from powder metal, anything larger is manufactured out of cast iron. All arms and inner squares are cast iron. All of the tensioners include a zinc plated mounting screw and locking washer.
TypeChain/Belt Tensioner
Element MaterialNeoprene
UPC Number17493
Dimensional Data
Mounting Bolt SizeM20 x 50
Outside Diameter (Dim D)4.53 in
Overall Length (Dim E)7.87 in115 mm
Idler Bolt Size3/4 - 10 x 6
Dimension L10.24 in260 mm
Dimension J-18.86 in225 mm
Dimension J-27.09 in180 mm
Dimension L150 mm
Dimension G0.47 in12 mm
Dimension O0.71 in18 mm
Dimension P0.49 in12.5 mm
Dimension K2.76 in70 mm
Cubic inches365.06726 in³
Performance Data
Normal Temperature Range-22 to 195 ºF-30 to 90 ºC
Mounting Bolt Torque410 N·m3629 in·lb
Force at 20° Angle of Pretension (Normal Force Level) (Dimension F)292.5 lb1300 N
Distance at 20° Angle of Pretension (Normal Force Level) (Dimension S)3.1 in78 mm
  • The recommended angle of pretension is 20°. This provides the tensioner a maximum capability to absorb vibrations and shock loads, while also maintaining a range of motion to address the system’s belt or chain stretch.
  • Mounting accessories into the “Hard” Position results in approximately 25% higher tensioning force over the “normal” position.
  • Inch (imperial) standard tensioner units all come with both the mounting screw and a zinc-plated idler bolt with nuts.