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Description: A dust collector, also known as a dust collector system, is a system installed in industrial settings to enhance the air quality by eliminating dust and other impurities from the air. Mostly preferred in commercial or industrial processes, the dust collector is a vital tool that makes it easy to separate the pollutants from the air. This is a continuous process that collects all the dust generated from a source point. These tools can be designed as one unit or a number of devices that separate pollutants from the air. This air pollution control tool is made to handle the high volume of pollutants, irritants and dust in the air. Accessories of a dust collection system that can be purchased separately include the blower, filter cleaning system, dust filter, and the dust removal system. There are mainly five kinds of dust collection systems used in industrial and commercial processes today: fabric filters, unit collectors, wet scrubbers, inertial separators and electrostatic precipitators. Get the best dust collectors in the market today at MRO Supply. We stock a wide range of dust collection devices and systems to keep the air in your preferred setting clean and keep you safe while you are at work.
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