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Description: Angle grinders are devices that are mostly used in metal fabrication shops and construction sites for both grinding and polishing. The tool, also known as the disc grinder or the side grinder, is a hand held power device originally developed for rigid abrasive discs. An angle grinder can be powered by an electric motor, compressed air or petrol engine. The angle grinder may have an adjustable guard or even come with a handle on the side for operation with both hands. The backing system of most angle grinders is made of phenolic resin, medium-hard rubber or hard plastic for varying amounts of flexibility. Get the best selection of angle grinders at MRO Supply. We have a large assortment of disc grinders to suit a variety of applications.
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Taylor Pneumatic T-8859RS ANGLE SANDER
Brand Taylor Pneumatic
Model T-8859RS
$108.83 Each
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