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Description: One of the challenging areas for wood technicians is when they want to fix or work on corners. For example, how do you repair windows for splicing molding? The best option is angle/ corner clamp. These are special clamps that can be easily mounted to a bench to hold items at right angles for gluing, trimming, or even nailing.Most Angle/Corner Clamps are designed with jaws that hold two workpieces so that they form a 90 degrees angle for nailing, gluing or other operations. For example, if you are designing a window, you will find it very easy to make t-joints. Most Angle/Corner Clamps are constructed with steel or iron for extra strength. Like other clamps, the Angle/Corner Clamps also vary in size and design. Therefore, it is important to compare the available models and select the preferred option. Visit our site to see the different versions of Angle/Corner Clamps and pick the ideal option for your works.
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IRWIN 226410 90 Angle Clamp
Brand Irwin Tools
Model 226410
$45.28 Each
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IRWIN 226200 3" Corner Clamp
Brand Irwin Tools
Model 226200
$12.82 Each
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