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Description: In industrial and commercial facilities, all the electrical systems should be carefully installed and tested to ensure they are carrying the right power for your devices and safety. To do this, you need the right test and measurement tools. These are hand tools designed to help you easily test various electrical parameters to ensure they are working well.One of the common tools is the voltage tester. This is considered the technician's partner. As the name suggests, the tester is used to establish the presence of voltage in a wire, lamp or other devices. You should also have a digital multimeter. Unlike the tester that only indicates the presence of voltage, the multimeter tests a number of parameters including resistance, current, voltage, diodes, capacitance and continuity. Other types of tests & measurement tools include clamp meters, insulator testers, thermometers, and infrared cameras. Check our page to browse the full list of tests and measurements electrical tools that you should have in your toolbox
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BOSTON 66030 XHA-4A KEY 3/16SQ X1-13/32 LG
Brand Boston Gear
Model XHA-4A
$0.30 Each
$81.00 Each
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