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Description: A magnetic pickup is a tool made up from a coil wound around a probe that has been permanently magnetized. When ferromagnetic items such as turbine rotor blades, gear teeth, slotted discs or shafts with keyways are passed through the probe, the flux density is modulated which induces the AC voltages in the coil. A magnetic pick up can also be used as a synchronization or timing device such as the ignition timing tool of gasoline engines. Magnetic pickups can also be categorized under retrieving tools as they can help pick up devices in hard-to-reach areas. Excellent magnetic pickup tools help workers in industries where small metallic devices need picking up such as phone repair. Let MRO Supply be your single source convenience for all industrial products including supplies, tools and equipment. We strive to the leading supplier of high quality tools, supplies and equipment to offer our customers lasting solutions sourced from the best manufacturers in the industrial arena. Talk to us today to keep your manufacturing plant up and running.
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