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Description: A pipe clamp consists of clamping jaws and a bar. It is commonly used in applications wherein you need to hold a part or combine two components either by gluing or nailing. Using a bar clamp is straight forward. First, position the clamp on a flat and even surface. Rotate the screw to open or close the jaws. If the bar clamp features a quick-release system, you can press its lever down and adjust the length. Then, place the parts and close the jaws by rotating the screw. At MRO Supply, you can get Irwin pipe clamps. Irwin made clamps are known for their durability and simplicity of use. Shop now.
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IRWIN 224212 1/2" Pipe Clamp
Brand Irwin Tools
Model 224212
$17.75 Each
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IRWIN 224134 3/4" Pipe Clamp
Brand Irwin Tools
Model 224134
$21.93 Each
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IRWIN 2024100 3/4" Pipe Clamp Deep Throat
Brand Irwin Tools
Model 2024100
$28.75 Each
Free Shipping