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IRWIN 93123 3-4 Slotted Power Bit x 2- 3/4"

BRAND: Irwin Tools | MODEL: 93123 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 2086421
IRWIN 93123 3-4 Slotted Power Bit x 2- 3/4"

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Additional Description

Technical Specifications

Shank diameter 1/4"
Overall length 2-3/4"


  • Used for common round, oval, and flat head fasteners
  • Designed for use in power drill chuck and chuck adapter
Item #DescriptionPoint SizeShank DiameterOverall Length
3521091CSlotted Power Bit6-81/4"1-15/16"
3521111CSlotted Power Bit8-101/4"1-15/16"
3521131CSlotted Power Bit10-121/4"1-15/16"
93103Slotted Power Bit3-41/4"1-15/16"
93105Slotted Power Bit4-51/4"1-15/16"
93107Slotted Power Bit5-61/4"1-15/16"
93109Slotted Power Bit6-81/4"1-15/16"
93111Slotted Power Bit8-101/4"1-15/16"
93113Slotted Power Bit10-121/4"1-15/16"
93115Slotted Power Bit12-141/4"1-15/16"
93123Slotted Power Bit3-41/4"2-3/4"
93125Slotted Power Bit4-51/4"2-3/4"
93127Slotted Power Bit5-61/4"2-3/4"
93129Slotted Power Bit6-81/4"2-3/4"
93131Slotted Power Bit8-101/4"2-3/4"
93133Slotted Power Bit10-121/4"2-3/4"
93135Slotted Power Bit12-141/4"2-3/4"
93139Slotted Power Bit3-41/4"3"
93141Slotted Power Bit4-51/4"3"
93143Slotted Power Bit5-61/4"3"
93145Slotted Power Bit6-81/4"3"
93147Slotted Power Bit8-101/4"3"
93149Slotted Power Bit10-121/4"3"
93151Slotted Power Bit12-141/4"3"
93155Slotted Power Bit3-41/4"3-1/2"
93157Slotted Power Bit4-51/4"3-1/2"
93159Slotted Power Bit5-61/4"3-1/2"
93161Slotted Power Bit6-81/4"3-1/2"
93163Slotted Power Bit8-101/4"3-1/2"
93165Slotted Power Bit10-121/4"3-1/2"
93167Slotted Power Bit12-141/4"3-1/2"
93173Slotted Power Bit3-41/4"6"
93175Slotted Power Bit4-51/4"6"
93177Slotted Power Bit5-61/4"6"
93179Slotted Power Bit6-81/4"6"
93181Slotted Power Bit8-101/4"6"
93183Slotted Power Bit10-121/4"6"
93185Slotted Power Bit12-141/4"6"
93186Slotted Power Bit with Finder4-51/4"3-3/4"
93187Slotted Power Bit with Finder5-61/4"3-3/4"
93188Slotted Power Bit with Finder6-81/4"3-3/4"
93189Slotted Power Bit with Finder8-101/4"3-3/4"
93191Slotted Power Bit with Finder5-61/4"2-5/32"
93193Slotted Power Bit with Finder6-81/4"2-5/32"
93195Slotted Power Bit with Finder10-121/4"2-5/32"