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SPX 253310 SCREW-SOCKET HD 1-1/8-7UNC X 3

BRAND: SPX Power Team | MODEL: SPX 253310 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 1972231
SPX 253310 SCREW-SOCKET HD 1-1/8-7UNC X 3

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Additional Description



100T Pulling Capacity: Quickly remove or install tapered roller bearings.
  • Quickly remove or install tapered roller bearings.
  • Designed with cooperation of major bearing manufacturers.
  • It’s a fast, simple, one-man operation with 100-tons of pulling force provided.
  • Completely portable for easy, convenient positioning and out-of-the-way storage.
  • The standard in most wheel shops.
Universal railroad axle journal roller bearing puller/installer

For years, the standard in most wheel shops. Power Team now has four models to choose for greater flexibility. With both sling and jack models available and two pumps to choose from, you can tailor the unit to match your needs. With the proper equipment and know-how, removal and installation of axle journal roller bearings takes an absolute minimum of time and effort.

Each unit will service a full line of bearings with rotating end caps, from class B thru GG. No other method can match Power Team’s simplicity. Removal is very easy. Simply remove the end caps, slip the pulling shoe between the bearings and the wheel, actuate the pump, and in seconds, 100 tons of pulling force removes the bearing. Installation is just as easy! Each unit is CSA certified (LR19814) and comes complete with a heavy-duty 100-ton hydraulic cylinder, 10,000 P.S.I. (700 bar) pump with remote control solenoid valve, hydraulic pressure gauge (No. 11543), a pulling shoe and installing tube.

Tool DescriptionClass and size of bearing assembly to be serviced
Class B 4 1/4" x 8" (No.)Class C 5" x 9" (No.)Class D 5 1/2" x 10" (No.)Class E 6" x 11" (No.)Class EE 5 1/2" Axle (No.)Class EE 6" Axle (No.)Class F 6 1/2" x 12" (No.)Class G 7" x 12" (No.)Class G 6 1/2" Axle (No.)Class GG 6 1/2" Axle (No.)
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