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Description: Magnets and magnetic strips, also known as magnetic tapes, have become very common in most industries and homes because of their diverse applications. Magnets are available in three forms. 1) The temporary magnet that only works when it is in a magnetic field.2) The permanent magnets that remain magnetized even when the magnetic field is removed. 3) Electromagnets. This type of magnet is made with a core that is surrounded by wires. When current passes through, it creates a magnetic field. In the case of magnetic strips, they are made using rubber polymer resin and ferrite powder. The process might also involve using other minerals including cobalt, magnetite, gadolinium, and nickel. Magnetic strips are preferred in both home and industrial operations because they are flexible and can easily be cut to size and twisted into the desired shapes. To see our full list of magnets and magnetic strips and select the best option for your facility, make sure to visit our site.
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