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Description: A pressure washer is an outdoor cleaning equipment that uses pressure to remove dirt from surfaces. Pressure washer accessories are parts and components that are meant to help it work effectively. First, you need the right water pump. The pump is used to push water at high pressure through a valve on the washing gun to perform the cleaning action.Another important pressure washer accessory is the right water hose. This is very crucial because it makes it possible to clean surfaces some distance from the pressure washer. Note that the hose should not be too long to prevent loss of pressure. Your pressure pump cannot be complete without the right nozzle. The nozzle is fitted at one end of the washing gun and is directed at the surface you want to clean. Other accessories include pressure washer O-ring, a washing gun, port fittings, and on/off switch. To see the full list of available pressure washer accessories and order your preferred options, make sure to visit our page.
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GENERAC 6657 4 oz. Pump Defender
Brand Generac
Model 6657
$12.42 Each
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