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Description: If your facility is in the woodwork niche, some of the most important machines are planners, jointers, and joiners. Though the three machines have roles that are closely related, they are indeed different. A jointer is used for making faces of twisted, warped, or bowed board flat. It works with infeed and outfeed tables that are aligned on the same plane. Then, a cutter head with knives is mounted between the cutting circle and tables. To select the preferred size of your wood, the infeed table is lowered or raised. When flattening a wooden face, a fence is adjusted to varying angles. In the case of a planner, it is used to make boards that have been flattened from one end to the other. A flattened board is put on the planner table and pushed in. Then, the machine rollers grab the board and pull it past rotating cutters that remove some wood. Like jointers, you also need to set the cutter head for even thickness. Joiners are used to create seams that are clean and accurate. To see the different types of planers, jointers, and joiners, make sure to visit our site.
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