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Description: A jointer, or as it is also known as - the jointer planer, is a machine used in wood working for the production of flat surfaces on a board. In the UK and parts of Australia, the jointer is also known as the surface planer, planer, buzzer or flat top. The machine works on the slimmer edge of boards preparing them to be glued into panels or used as butt joints. Generally, there is a difference between a jointer and a planer. A jointer simply flattens the face or straightens and squares an edge, while a planer thickens the wood. The set-up of a jointer planer allows it to perform tasks such as surface planning and leveling the widths of boards in one tool. Let MRO Supply be your single source convenience for all industrial products including supplies, tools and equipment. We strive to the leading supplier of high quality tools, supplies and equipment to offer our customers lasting solutions sourced from the best manufacturers in the industrial arena. Talk to us today to keep your manufacturing plant up and running.
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