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BRAND: Red Lion Controls | MODEL: TCU10307 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 287385

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The TCU Controller accepts signals from a variety of temperature sensors (thermocouple or RTD elements), precisely displays the process temperature, and provides an accurate output control signal (time proportional, linear, or valve positioning) to maintain a process at the desired control point. A comprehensive set of easy to use steps allows the controller to solve various application requirements.

The controller can operate in the PID control mode for both heating and cooling. On-demand auto-tune establishes the tuning constants. The PID tuning constants may be fine-tuned by the operator at any time and locked out from further modification. The controller employs a unique overshoot suppression feature that allows the quickest response without excessive overshoot. The unit can be transferred to operate in the manual mode, providing the operator with direct control of the output. The controller can also be programmed to operate in the ON/OFF control mode with adjustable hysteresis.

Dual 4-digit displays allow viewing of the process temperature and setpoint simultaneously. Front panel indicators inform the operator of the controller and output status. Replaceable and interchangeable output modules (Relay, SSR Drive, or Triac) can be installed for the main control output, alarm output(s), cooling output, and Valve Positioner outputs.

The optional Motorized Valve Positioner directly controls the position of a valve by the use of twin outputs (open and close) to control the direction of motor rotation. The motor position defines the opening position at the valve. Two control modes are possible: position control, which makes use of the slidewire feedback signal supplied with the positioner and velocity control, in which no slidewire feedback signal is used. Parameters are provided to adjust the operation of the valve. These include:

The Valve Positioner TCU achieves tight process control; yet minimizes unnecessary valve activity. An alarm event output or display alarm can be programmed under loss of slidewire feedback or under valve fail detection.

The optional RS485 multi-drop serial communication interface provides two-way communication between a TCU unit and other compatible equipment such as a printer, a programmable controller, or a host computer. In multi-point applications the address number of each unit on the line can be programmed from zero to ninety nine. Up to thirty-two units can be installed on a single pair of wires. The Setpoint value, % Output Power, Setpoint Ramp Rate, etc. can be interrogated or changed, by sending the proper command code via serial communications. Alarm output(s) may also be reset via the serial communications interface option. A programmable User Input is available with RS485, Valve Position, Heater Current Monitor, and Second Analog Input models. The User Input can be programmed to perform a variety of controller functions.

A NEMA 4X/IP65 rated bezel is available for wash down applications and similar environments, when properly installed. Modern surface-mount technology, in-house assembly and testing, and high immunity to noise interference makes the controller extremely reliable in industrial environments.

Note: Output Modules are NOT supplied with the controller. When specifying the controller, be sure to purchase the appropriate output module for the Main Control Output and if necessary, the alarm output(s), the secondary output, and valve positioner outputs.

The Logic/SSR Drive Module is a switched DC source, intended to drive the DC input of an SSR power unit. It should never be connected to line voltage.

All modules are packaged separately and must be installed by the user.

  • 97 mm x 50 mm
  • Dual 4 Digit, 0.4" (10 mm) LED, 0.3" (7.6 mm) LED
  • Therocouple or RTD input
  • Single Alarm
  • RS-485 Communication
  • NEMA4X/IP67 Front Panel
OMD00000 OMD Relay Module for PCU, PSC, TCU and TSC
OMD00001 OMD Triac Module
OMD00003 OMD Logic/SSR Drive Module