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Description: Fasteners are hardware devices that help to mechanically affix several objects together. They are designed to create non-permanent joints that are easy to dismantle. Though not visually visible in many of the cases, fasteners play an important role in the automobile, industrial production, and simple home appliances. The basis of fasteners is their screw threads. The male parts are the screw with external threads while the female section is the hole that features internal threads. A nut is also considered to be the female part. The construction of fasteners mainly uses carbon steel to provide optimal strength whether the new joints are required to move together or simply hold firmly at one point. Other materials used to manufacture fasteners include alloy steel, stainless steel, Inconel stainless steel, and titanium. If the application under consideration is very light, aluminum fasteners can also be used. In addition to using the above materials to make the fasteners, they are also coated with additional materials that help improve performance. The main material used to coat fasteners is the cadmium plating. Others include zinc plating, silver plating, phosphate plating, and chromium plating. The fasteners are designed for applications in both industrial and home settings. Here are the main types of fasteners in the market today: • Bolts: These are fasteners designed to complement washers and nuts for better bonding of the items being fastened. • Clamps: These are fasteners used for holding items together for a limited time without causing damage when unfastening. • Tapping screws: These fasteners are designed to allow for quick installation by creating a mating thread. Note that such installations are fast and the screws do not need buts. • Set screw: These screws are designed for holding pulleys, gears, and collars with shafts. • Studs: These fasteners are designed without a head and help to connect with a tapered part when the other section meets with a standard nut.