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Fasteners play a central role in manufacturing, ensuring the secure assembly of various components while providing stability and structure to the final product. Fasteners, which include items such as screws, bolts, and rivets, are crucial in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, and construction. They allow components to be easily assembled and disassembled, essential for maintenance and repair work. 


Hex Head Cap Screws

Hex Head Cap Screws

Threaded bolts featuring a hexagonal head provide increased torque capacity.

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Set Screws

Set Screws

Headless threaded fasteners used to secure objects together, often with a flush or low-profile design.

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Utilized for joining components together through the application of torque and axial force.

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Threaded fasteners used with bolts or threaded rods to secure components together. They provide adjustable and reliable fastening in various applications.

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Machine Screws

Machine Screws

Threaded fasteners designed to be used with tapped holes or nuts, providing secure and reliable fastening in various applications.

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Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder Bolts

Designed to provide a sturdy pivot point, often used in applications requiring rotational movement and precise alignment.

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Pins & Clips

Pins & Clips

Versatile fastening devices used to secure or connect different components, providing a reliable and convenient solution for various applications.

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Socket Screws

Socket Screws

Also called Allen screws are specialized threaded fasteners with a cylindrical head and an internal hexagonal drive socket.

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Flat, circular discs used to distribute the load and provide a smooth surface between a bolt or nut and the material being fastened.

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About Fasteners

Industrial fasteners are fundamental components in manufacturing and construction, holding together two or more parts. And that’s great, but I'm just trying to hold together this marriage. These essential elements, which include screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets, are used to join together materials in a non-permanent fashion, allowing (Sean Connery voice) disassembly when necessary.

They span a spectrum of sizes, designs, and materials, catering to various applications, from skyscraper construction to intricate electronic devices and just because we’re on the subject of skyscrapers can I ask how did Dwayne Johnson not get an Oscar nod for his masterful performance as former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader Will Sawyer in 2018’s “Skyscraper”, I mean when he was framed for lighting that skyscraper on fire and had to race against time to clear his name and rescue his family who were trapped in the flaming skyscraper and then had to uncover the true mastermind behind the whole plot to burn down the skyscraper? No? Fine.

Hex head cap screws are a specific type of fastener characterized by their hexagonal head and machine thread. Hex head sounds like a 90’s horror villain. Maybe he comes back to his old town and machine threads all the people who made fun of his hexagonal head as a kid.

They are primarily inserted into pre-drilled holes or with a matching nut. The hexagonal shape of the screw head means greater torque can be applied during installation and removal, making these screws ideal for use in heavy-duty applications or if you just wanna look cool AF at the Hexagonal Screw Head Convention in Dallas this summer? I’m gonna hang a few off my belt.

Their cap typically covers the threaded portion of the screw, providing a smooth finish and preventing potential injury or snagging that could occur with exposed threads. Hex head cap screws are commonly used in automotive, construction, and various mechanical applications and are the official mascot of North East Dakota State, the ol’ fightin’ hex head cap screws!

Socket screws, sometimes referred to as Allen screws, or ‘Big Al’ screws to his friends and family, are a type of fastener used in many applications due to their unique design. Their distinguishing feature is an internal hex drive, which allows for tightening or loosening with an Allen wrench. Their other distinguishing feature is a tiny birthmark that sorta resembles Hugh Jackman in a top hat.

This characteristic brings several advantages, including a smooth outer surface, which is aesthetically pleasing and less likely to cause injury or snag on materials, and the capacity to withstand high torque, which is not easy when you’re in a loud bar and high torque’s screaming in your ear for hours about some can’t-miss investment opportunity.

Socket screws are especially useful in assemblies requiring a strong bond or in areas with limited space for a traditional wrench or screwdriver. If you require a weak bond, Timothy Dalton should do.

Set screws function by securing one object inside another, preventing any relative motion between the two. They work well with shaft collars, pulleys, gear hubs, or similar applications.

The screw is inserted into a threaded hole in the outer object and tightened until its end point applies sufficient pressure against the inner object. This force creates enough friction to prevent the internal object, often a rotating shaft, from moving, thus ensuring alignment and precision in various mechanical systems.

A shoulder bolt, sometimes called a stripper bolt, because of its daddy issues, is a machine screw with a unique design. The bolt features a head, a shoulder, and a threaded section. The shoulder is larger in diameter and smoother than the threaded section. When inserted into a hole, the shoulder allows for a rotating or sliding movement of the attached parts while the threaded section secures everything. Including the perimeter. Good work, threaded section, we’ve got this sonoabitch surrounded! The head, typically hexagonal or socket-shaped, enables tools for tightening and despises five for fighting.

Shoulder bolts are commonly used in applications that require precise pivoting or movement, such as in machinery linkages and guides. They’re also used in traditional green Frankensteins.

MRO Supply’s inventory also includes pins, clips, nuts, machine screws, and washers to meet every fastening requirement. And you can always count on high-quality products since we use only the most reputable manufacturers. And if you don’t believe me, we can step outside right now and handle this the old-fashioned way. With a below the neck above the belt tickle fight. Make MRO your one-stop shop for all your fastening needs.

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