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Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are the essential building blocks of manufacturing operations, including milling, drilling, threading, reaming, and turning. These tools can guarantee the precision and efficiency of your processes, so choosing the appropriate tool and managing the variables--cutting speed, feed rate, and material properties--are vital for achieving superior results across a broad range of applications.

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Utilized to efficiently and accurately create precise holes in various materials.

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Provides secure attachment, ensuring safe, efficient, and precise operation.

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Indexable Milling Bodies

Indexable Milling Bodies

Features replaceable inserts or cutting edges that can be indexed or rotated, providing optimal performance.

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Solid Milling

Solid Milling

Facilitates milling operations, providing precise and efficient material removal in machining processes.

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Replaceable components, providing cost-effective tool maintenance, ensuring optimum cutting performance.

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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Facilitates repairs or replacement of worn-out or damaged parts, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

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Thread Forming

Thread Forming

Specialized tools utilized to reshape or displace material to create internal threads in a pre-drilled or pre-tapped hole.

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About Cutting Tools

Solid milling tools are highly accurate cutting tools used in various industries to remove material and create the desired shapes and surface finishes. What shapes do you desire? I’m a rectangle guy myself. Why? Because I love cafeteria pizza.

Made from high-speed steel or solid carbide, these milling tools come in different geometries, such as square end mills, slitting saws, corner radius end mills, and dovetail cutters, each designed for specific milling tasks, and just to share a little more about me because I think this date is going so well, my favorite Prince song is ‘When Dovetail Cutters Cry.’

Cutting tools provide essential accuracy and efficiency in aerospace, automotive, mold and die, and general engineering industries, and just like everyone else I’m sure, I remember when I went through my ceramics phase in high school all I wanted to do was mold and die.

If you want to create precise holes in your workpieces, look at our holemaking cutting tools. If you want to create imprecise holes in your workpieces, blindfold yourself and throw darts at them.

We offer individual twist drills, complete drill sets, and various types and sizes of reamers, plus a breakroom full of creamers and a salesforce made of dreamers who all wanna drive Beamers.

These standard and specialized tools will remove material, guaranteeing accurate dimensions, smooth surface finishes, and tight tolerances. Don't compromise on quality - choose the best tools for the job. Then choose the worst tools for the job and sell it to your dumb neighbor.

Thread-forming tools are unique cutting tools designed to machine threads on workpieces. These threads enhance durability and prevent material breakage in the threaded area through thread-forming taps, thread-rolling dies, and thread-milling cutters and just to be clear i did not hate “Phantom Thread,” I just thought it was incredibly boring, okay, we can disagree on the film, but let’s actually understand each others position before we do..

These cutting tools, highly valuable in various industrial applications, help to achieve precise and consistent thread profiles. But not thread dating profiles, they’re all over the map, I’m telling you the ball of yarn I met for dinner looked nothing like her picture and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Indexable milling bodies are essential tools used in machining, but don’t forget about their indexable milling brains, too, c’mon, eyes up here pal. They have multiple cutting edges through indexable inserts, meaning machine operators can rotate or replace them once worn out. This feature makes them highly economical and efficient for large-scale milling operations. Indexable milling bodies are typically used in operations such as face, slot, and contour milling, among others. But not for just regular milling, ya know, like just milling about, no thanks, get lost, go find something to do. They are highly versatile in handling various materials, from metals to plastics.

Cutting tool inserts are replaceable bits or tips used with indexable milling bodies and lathe tools. These inserts have multiple cutting edges and can be rotated or replaced once a cutting edge becomes worn or damaged. What’s not replaceable are my Dr. Scholl's cushy comfort memory foam inserts, I’m telling you, the pain’s gone, my tootsies are in absolute heaven.

They provide a fresher, sharper cutting edge at a lower cost and greater precision than traditional tools. Inserts are typically made from carbide, ceramics, diamond, or cubic boron nitride, with each material suitable for specific machining tasks based on hardness, heat resistance, and workpiece material, and while I know you may be wondering what the hell cubic boron nitride is, I’m here to tell you so am I ‘cause my internet’s down and I can’t look it up.

Cutting tools are vital in our industrial processes, from milling landing gear components for the aerospace industry to turning shafts for automotive parts. A cutting tool was also vital for Mick Dundee, played by Paul Hogan in the 1986 Australian-American comedy film "Crocodile Dundee", when he encountered a would-be mugger armed with a switchblade. At that point Mick calmly reached for his own cutting tool, a much larger hunting knife, and informed the man, "That's not a knife. That's a knife," before pulling out his sizable blade.

The broad range of tooling and their numerous applications highlight their significance. By understanding the various types and advantages of specific cutting tools, you can make the correct choice for your needs and requirements. Make the incorrect choice and three random men will be sent to prison.

As your trusted industrial partner, MRO is here to offer our expertise and guidance in selecting cutting tools from reputable manufacturers that align with your requirements, unless your requirements are absurd like when Van Halen had a clause in their contract that there always had to be a bowl of M&M’s in their dressing room but there could be no brown ones, but maybe it was actually kinda smart ‘cause it was a way to make sure the people actually read the thing, right, like if they missed the part about the brown M&M’s maybe they missed something important equipment-wise? I dunno, maybe it’s still absurd, who cares, just don’t ask for M&M’s.

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