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Linear Motion

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For your industrial or commercial systems, it is prudent to be able to easily move objects, items, products and equipment. This is why machines and devices are carefully set with panels, cages, and doors. One method of moving objects is using linear motion. Linear motion are types of bearings mainly used in automation systems such as raceways that rely on sliders. The bearings can be designed with linear rollers, balls, or fluid versions. The linear motion bearings run on hardened rails and hardened precision radial sliders. This is aimed at increasing their lifespan and value. But durability is also determined by speed, load, speed, and how intensively the bearings are used. The main advantage of using linear motion bearings is that they are lighter and are better in shock resistance. Besides, they are also quieter compared to common roller bearings. Some of the common applications that use linear motion bearings include roller tables, machine slides, dovetail slides, and X-Y tables.