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Description: Painting a home, car, or commercial facility is the reliable way of making it look new and more appealing. Paint is used for decoration, protection, identification, and sanitation. For many people, paint is simply a medium used to add a new color to their facilities. However, paint is more than that. Paints comprise of three core components that give their characteristics. The first component is pigment. These can be prime pigments that include components such as titanium dioxide, red iron oxides or chrome green oxide. The other category is referred to as the extended pigments that include calcite, talc, mica, and Barytes. The second component is resin. This is the binder for the pigment particles and generates the adhesion characteristic when painted on a surface. If the paint is water based, the resin used is acrylic emulsion polymers. The last component is the additive. These are used to enhance specific properties of the paint such as ease of brushing, scuff resistance, and sag resistance. To get the anticipated effect, only the right paint should be used for your facility or surface. If you are a trader dealing with paints, the most important thing is linking with a reliable and committed supplier. Take time to vent the suppliers and only pick the one whose pairs are of high quality and can make deliveries promptly. This is where MROsupply stands out. MROsupply paints are sought from top brands and deliveries made on time. They are checked by experts and tested to ensure that all clients get the best.