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Allen Bradley Push Buttons and Their Diverse Applications across Industries

Push buttons are simple, yet critical power controlling switches used on machines or appliances. They can be metallic or thermoplastic and help to provide easy and safe access for users. As the name suggests, you operate a push button by a push action on the button/actuator. Once you depress the springs, the contacts touch the stable contacts so that the electrical current can flow. Keep reading to learn more about Allen Bradley's push buttons and how to select the best options for your facility.

Special Benefits that Come from Using Push Buttons

For years, Allen Bradley has dedicated its research to developing newer and better push buttons, and now they come with better features and suit more applications. Their push buttons, such as Allen Bradley 800f 1yp1, are designed to match the fingers of users to make machine operations easy. Again, the buttons are small so that they can be fitted and work even in compact areas. Other benefits of using Allen Bradley push buttons include:

  • Their small sizes ensure they take a very small part of the main or machine switchboard.
  • Once installed, Allen Bradley push buttons like Allen Bradley 800f 1yp5 assembled station are very firm and easy to use.
  • Since they are firmly attached to the machine, switchboard, or wall, the buttons are more secure and will not be stolen easily.
  • When compared to standard switches, push buttons are pretty cheap.
  • The buttons are excellent in resisting high voltages. This is crucial in reducing or eliminating the risk of short circuits.
  • Spare parts of all Allen Bradley push buttons are available. For example, you can buy the Allen Bradley 800f Alp plastic latch, Allen Bradley 800f x01 Ser A contact block and Allen Bradley 800f n3g LED latch mount, to repair your buttons instead of buying new ones.

Common Applications of Push Buttons

For Allen Bradley, the efforts to design new push buttons could not have come at a better time because of the emerging industrial operations. Whether you have an electric motor or milling machine in your facility, push buttons would work excellently. Here are other top applications of Allen Bradley push buttons:

  • They work excellently with industrial robots.
  • You can use the push buttons to control the warehouse loading racks
  • The buttons will come in handy for controlling the industrial conveyor belt systems.
  • Go for top push buttons for sliding doors controls.

These are only a few applications that you can use push buttons for. You can even use the push buttons for applications back at home. A push button can come in handy if you have a home lathe machine for DIY projects, refrigerator, or other power equipment.

How to Select the Best push Buttons

Allen Bradley has a long list of awesome push buttons, but how do you select the best option for your facility? Here are some useful tips to consider:

  • Go for the push button designed with durable structures, such as Allen Bradley 800f x011 and Allen Bradley 800f x10, and dust-proof material.
  • It should have high inrush current compatibility without suffering overload.
  • Only buy the push button with imprinted markings, such as ON/OFF, LOW/HIGH, etc.
  • The switch should feature a pilot light to signal the user when the circuit is active.
  • Look for the model that is firmly done to reduce the risk of easily getting stolen.
  • If the push button will be used outdoors or in a harsh environment, it should be weatherproof.

This post has demonstrated that Allen Bradley push buttons are important safety devices for controlling machines or equipment in industrial facilities and away. They guarantee your staff's safety and reduce the risk of damage. Remember that buying Allen Bradley push buttons is the first step. Make sure also to have them installed correctly and repairs done with high-quality parts, like the Allen Bradley 800f x01 contact block.