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Raw Materials

Raw materials refer to the essential elements or substances used in producing goods. These are unprocessed materials sourced directly from the earth or through farming, such as metals, oils, minerals, or timber. Raw materials can also be components that have undergone initial processing but are not finished. For example, steel slabs make cars, and cotton produces textiles. They are the building blocks for manufactured goods.

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Shim and Shim Stock

Shim and Shim Stock

Used for precise alignment and spacing adjustments in machinery and equipment ensuring optimal performance.

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Highly utilized in industrial settings due to its flexibility, durability, resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

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About Raw Materials

Raw materials, referred to as "natural resources," are primarily used in manufacturing to produce goods. They are fundamental to the production process as they form the base of the end product. Raw materials are classified into two types: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable raw materials, such as wood from trees or wool from sheep, can be replenished naturally over time. On the other hand, non-renewable raw materials are resources with a finite supply, such as minerals like iron, copper, and oil.

Due to its versatility and durability, rubber is a critical component in many industrial productions. It's used in many parts of the automotive industry, including tires, seals, and hoses, offering high resistance to wear and tear, heat, and chemicals. The electronics industry also relies heavily on rubber for insulation and shock absorption. In construction, rubber is ideal for soundproofing, flooring, and sealants because of its excellent elasticity and waterproof properties. In manufacturing, skirtboard rubber sheets improve conveyor belt system performance. The rubber application range is vast, from everyday products to specialized industrial tools.

Shims and shim stock are raw materials used in various applications across several industries. Shims are thin materials that fill small gaps or spaces between objects, helping achieve a better fit or alignment. They work well for adjusting the level of surfaces in construction or for calibrating precision machinery in manufacturing settings. On the other hand, shim stock is a roll of shim material that can be cut and shaped according to specific needs. It's used when custom sizes of shims are required, typically in situations where standard shim dimensions do not fit.

MRO Supply also has a significant inventory of raw materials, particularly shims and skirtboard rubber, that meet specific specifications and requirements. With products from only the most reliable manufacturers, MRO is your one-stop shop for many of your raw material needs.

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