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Description: Machining is a manufacturing term that involves a wide range of technologies for clearing materials with a power-driven tool. Many metal components require some formal machining when they are being manufactured. The machining tools used in industries are designed either for sole application or use with other tools. The main types of machining tools include boring, cutting, grinding, milling, and drilling tools. These tools are used in the following machining processes. 1. Turning. This is a machining process done by a device referred to as lathe. The device spins the product under consideration as the blades cut or nip away the unwanted sections. The cutting tools use two axes of motion to cut the right depth and diameter. The lathe machines can be the traditional manual designs or the modern computer numerical controlled models. Note that turning can be done either on the outer or inner part of the material under consideration. If the turning process is done on the inner section of the material, it is referred to as “boring. The process is done when creating tubular components. 2. Drilling.This is an industrial process that involves creating cylindrical holes in a solid material with a bit. It is one of the important machining procedures because the holes are used assemble sections into complete products. Industrial drilling uses drill presses. 3. Milling. This machining process involves using rotating cutters to remove some sections from a material being processed. The difference between milling and turning is in the way the device operates. The milling machine has a movable table where the material being cut is mounted. In many types of milling machines, the cutting tools are stationary while the table moves the material being cut. Milling machines are preferred for rebating, die-sinking and other complex tool-paths operations. The main types of milling machines include plain milling machines, hand milling machines, universal milling machines, and omniversal milling machines.