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Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of factory automation equipment, today owned by Rockwell Automation. The company manufactures programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centers, and systems of such products. 


Item ID Name Price
800F-X10 #5714722 Allen Bradley 800F-X10 Contact Block
194R-PY #5698536 Allen Bradley 194R-PY Red and Yellow Padlockable Handle Standard
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700-FSB4UU23 #5728562 Allen Bradley 700-FSB4UU23 Timing Relay
700-TBR24 #5704549 Allen Bradley 700-TBR24 Output Relay
800F-AKR3825 #5730156 Allen Bradley 800F-AKR3825 Replacement Key 3825
194R-PBT #5700169 Allen Bradley 194R-PBT Black Padlockable Handle
440R-S13R2 #5716668 Allen Bradley 440R-S13R2 Safety Relay
800F-X01 #5714568 Allen Bradley 800F-X01 Auxiliary Contact Block
700-TBR60 #5709765 Allen Bradley 700-TBR60 Relay
800T-J631 #5693261 Allen Bradley 800T-J631 Selector Switch
440R-D22R2 #5719650 Allen Bradley 440R-D22R2 Safety Relay GuardMaster
1769-L24ER-QB1B #5736562 Allen Bradley 1769-L24ER-QB1B Dual Ethernet With Dlr Capability
1769-L18ER-BB1B #5711877 Allen Bradley 1769-L18ER-BB1B Controller With Point I/O Backplane CompactLogix
1769-L16ER-BB1B #5698902 Allen Bradley 1769-L16ER-BB1B Dual Ethernet Controller With Dlr Capability CompactLogix
700-HLT1Z24 #5708617 Allen Bradley 700-HLT1Z24 Relay
2080-LC20-20QWB #5694095 Allen Bradley 2080-LC20-20QWB Programmable Controller MICRO820
1756-A4 #5719192 Allen Bradley 1756-A4 ControlLogix Chassis 4-Slot Rack
440E-D13114 #5699056 Allen Bradley 440E-D13114 Lifeline 3 Cable-Pull Switch
700S-CF620EJC #5705789 Allen Bradley 700S-CF620EJC Safety Control Relay
2080-LC10-12QWB #5728951 Allen Bradley 2080-LC10-12QWB Programmable Controller MICRO810
440G-T27127 #5719096 Allen Bradley 440G-T27127 Safety Relay TLS-2 GD2 24V
2711R-T4T #5695384 Allen Bradley 2711R-T4T PanelView Component Terminal
855T-L10 #1306667 Allen Bradley 855T-L10 120V 7W BULB
440E-L13133 #1154849 Allen Bradley 440E-L13133 Safety Pull Switch
194R-C30-1753-PYS1 #5697136 Allen Bradley 194R-C30-1753-PYS1 Disconnect Switch Kit