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V-belts are fundamental components in power transmission systems, utilizing a trapezoidal cross-section to enable friction-based power transfer between pulleys. They are employed in diverse industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and HVAC systems, where efficient and consistent power transmission is paramount. Key categories of V-belts encompass V-belt tools, banded V-belts, and standard V-belts. V-belt tools are devised for the installation, tensioning, and maintenance of V-belts, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the service life of the belts and associated machinery. Banded V-belts consist of multiple standard V-belts connected to form a single, wide belt. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications requiring high torque and vibration minimization. Standard V-belts represent the most prevalent type of V-belt, available in various sizes and materials to accommodate a wide array of applications. Their versatility and simplicity contribute to their popularity in many power transmission systems. A comprehensive understanding of V-belt types, materials, and operating principles is essential for professionals across numerous fields. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of V-belts can significantly impact the efficiency, reliability, and safety of machinery and equipment in industrial and commercial environments.


Multi V-Ribbed Belts

Also known as serpentine belts, are flexible power transmission belts with multiple V-shaped ribs on one side, used in automotive and industrial applications to drive various engine accessories such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor, providing efficient power transfer and smooth operation.

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Standard V-Belts

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V-Belt Tools and Accessories

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Double-V / Hex V-Belts

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