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Industrial hardware refers to a wide range of mechanical components and devices that are utilized in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial applications. This category encompasses an array of products, including magnets and magnetic strips, clamping levers, tooling components, clamps, vibration control mounts, and various hardware supplies. Magnets and magnetic strips are utilized in applications such as material handling and sorting, while clamping levers are employed for securely holding or releasing workpieces in place during machining operations. Tooling components include fixtures, jigs, and cutting tools utilized in manufacturing processes, while clamps and clamping accessories are employed for securing objects in place during welding, cutting, and assembly operations. Vibration control mounts are utilized to mitigate noise, shock, and vibration in mechanical systems, while hardware supplies encompass a broad range of fasteners, hinges, knobs, and other components utilized in constructing and maintaining machinery and equipment. Industrial hardware plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and safety of mechanical systems in various industrial applications.


Mounts and Vibration Control

Utilized to reduce or eliminate vibrations and shocks in machinery and equipment, ensuring stability, improving performance, and minimizing noise and damage caused by excessive vibrations.

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Magnets and Magnetic Strips

Utilized in applications such as material handling, lifting, separation, holding, and mounting. They provide strong magnetic force and reliable performance, ensuring efficient and safe operations in industrial environments.

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Clamps & Clamping Accessories

Versatile tools used in a wide range of applications to secure and hold objects firmly in place. With different types and accessories available, they provide strong gripping force and reliable performance.

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Tooling Components

Accessories used in tools and machinery to improve functionality and precision in manufacturing and machining.

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Clamping Levers

Components utilized for securing and releasing objects in various applications, providing quick and convenient clamping solutions.

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Hardware Supplies

Specialized tools, components, and materials utilized in various industries, to facilitate efficiency and safety.

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