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Hardware, encompassing a broad spectrum of components, is a cornerstone of simple and complex mechanical systems. Clamping levers and tooling components are crucial in manufacturing, providing the means to secure workpieces. Vibration control and mounts are instrumental in protecting sensitive equipment and machinery. On a smaller scale, hardware supplies like fasteners, hinges, and knobs are indispensable.


Mounts and Vibration Control

Mounts and Vibration Control

Reduces vibrations in machinery and equipment, minimizing noise and damage caused by excessive vibrations.

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Tooling Components

Tooling Components

Accessories used in tools and machinery to improve functionality and precision in manufacturing and machining.

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Clamping Levers

Clamping Levers

Components utilized for securing and releasing objects in various applications, providing quick and convenient clamping solutions.

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Clamps & Clamping Accessories

Clamps & Clamping Accessories

Used in a wide range of applications to secure and hold objects firmly in place.

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Hardware Supplies

Hardware Supplies

Specialized tools, components, and materials utilized in various industries, to facilitate efficiency and safety.

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Magnets and Magnetic Strips

Magnets and Magnetic Strips

Utilizes strong magnetic force, facilitating applications such as material handling, lifting, separation, holding, and mounting.

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About Hardware

Mechanical components and devices, also known as hardware, are the backbone of numerous industries, notably manufacturing, construction, and material handling. For instance, magnets can sort, lift, and separate metallic items, which is integral in recycling or scrap handling operations. On the other hand, clamping levers are pivotal in securely holding workpieces during manufacturing, ensuring precision and quality. Similarly, tooling components, including tool posts, collets, tool holders, and bushings, are essential in machining operations.

Hardware supplies, including various components, fasteners, and accessories, play a crucial role in construction and DIY projects. Items such as nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, brackets, springs, hooks, and chains are integral to securely assembling and fastening different parts of a structure or a piece of furniture. They ensure solidity and stability, providing a sturdy and durable framework that can withstand various external pressures. Additionally, these components are often selected based on a project's specific requirements, considering the materials used, the desired strength of the connection, and the aesthetic appeal. Therefore, hardware supplies are functional necessities and often contribute to the visual design.

Mounts and vibration control play a critical role in industrial applications. These components are instrumental in reducing the impact of vibrations and shocks that could otherwise disrupt the operation of machinery or lead to mechanical wear and tear. Undamped vibrations can result in decreased efficiency, machinery damage, and even safety issues. By absorbing and isolating these vibrations, mounts and vibration control systems ensure the smooth operation of industrial equipment, enhancing their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Clamps and clamping accessories are indispensable hardware components that ensure precision, stability, and alignment in various industrial, construction, and woodworking settings. These tools securely hold, fasten, and position objects during critical operations like cutting, drilling, welding, gluing, or assembly. You can significantly enhance your work process's overall quality and efficiency by selecting the appropriate clamps and accessories based on workpiece size, shape, clamping force required, and specific applications.

MRO Supply can meet all hardware requirements, including clamps, tooling components, magnets, and mounts. You can choose your hardware supplies correctly by understanding this essential category's specific features and devices. As your trusted industrial partner, MRO is here to offer our expertise and guidance in selecting hardware from reputable manufacturers that align with your requirements.

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