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Description: A comfortable and productive workplace should guarantee users of optimal safety. Besides, use of the right tools and systems can also help to increase worker confidence when working in the system. The target of workplace safety is ensuring that both workers and the workplace are safe for high productivity. Safety can be achieved using the following methods: 1. Using safety equipment. These are equipments designed to help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of danger. The equipment includes circuit breakers, ground circuit interrupters, ball valves, and pneumatic padlocks. You should also install fire extinguishers that can help to fight fire in the case it breaks out. 2. Using the right clothing is the first and most crucial method of operating safely in the workplace. The clothing should include the right gloves, reflectors, respiratory masks, goggles, and hard hats. 3. You should be prepared when working in confined spaces. In many cases, confined spaces have poor visibility and users can find it difficult moving around. Therefore, it is important to have access to ladders, gas meters, additional lighting and rescue systems. 4. Make sure to install gas and fire detectors. It is important to notice that the main dangers in the workplaces are those that are not immediately visible. For example, carbon dioxide and combustible gases could be more dangerous than risks from not using gloves. Therefore, it is important to install additional safety systems such as leak system detectors, photo-electric sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. In addition to installing the right safety precautionary systems, it is important to carry regular drills to ensure that all the involved workers understand the safety procedures. For example, they should appreciate the need to wear protective gear and how to interpret the different sensors. Besides, the security efforts should be evaluated and overhauled after some time to ensure that they are still effective.