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Bearings are machine elements created to help reduce friction between two moving parts by providing a surface that one faction can roll on as opposed to sliding over. They are constructed using smooth rollers (call them metal balls) and smooth inner as well as outer surfaces. The rollers are the load carriers for the device using the bearing by allowing them to spin freely.


Ball Bearings

Small, round objects made of metal that reduce friction between moving parts in machinery.

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Roller Bearings

These use rolling elements to support loads and reduce friction in rotating machinery.

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Mounted Bearings

Pre-assembled bearings attached to machinery for supporting and guiding rotating shafts.

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Plain & Sleeve Bearings

Support and reduce friction between rotating and sliding parts in a variety of applications.

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Cam & Yoke Roller Bearings

Heavy-duty bearings for loads with rollers on a cam or yoke track for guidance.

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Rod Ends

Pivot joints with a spherical ball and threaded shank for rotational and linear movement in various applications.

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Spherical Plain Bearings

Bearings that allow for rotational and linear movement with a spherical sliding surface for moderate misalignment.

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Slew Ring & Turntable Bearings

Large bearings for heavy loads with smooth, low-friction rotation and radial/axial load support.

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Bearing Tools & Accessories

Includes pullers, heaters, lubricants and testing tools for the maintenance of bearings.

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SKF bearing housings and roller bearing units

This catalogue contains the standard assortment of SKF housings and roller bearing units typically used in industrial applications. To provide the highest levels of quality and customer service, these products are available worldwide through SKF sales channels.


Mounted Bearings Catalog from AMI Bearings to help you select

No matter your industry. No matter your application. Need a mounted ball bearing that meets your exact specifications, and you need it fast?


Moline Bearing Engineering Catalog from AMI Bearings to help you select

The catalog is designed to help easily select the appropriate bearings for their specific applications. The catalog includes a wide range of bearings such as ball bearings, roller bearings, mounted bearings, tapered roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings, among others.


Berliss product catalog is a comprehensive guide to the range of bearings

The catalog includes useful technical information and engineering data to assist in making informed decisions about their bearing requirements.


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