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Sheaves are pulleys with grooved wheels designed for holding belts or ropes. The grooved wheel can be designed to spin freely on a bearing or axle to minimize friction. They are used to help redirect cables, transmit power or even ropes. In some cases, you will find people using the term sheave interchangeably with pulley. In some models, the sheaves are designed with adjustable operating diameter to anchor mechanical belt. This is achieved by using several pieces. The two main halves of the pulley can be moved closer or farther apart to alter the operating diameter. The system is made with some sort of a locking mechanism (collar and sets of screws where one half is secured with a threaded central shaft while the other with a threaded center. To determine the ideal sheave for your system, it is important to establish the preferred size and lining. The size of the sheave is a function of conductor type being stung, distance of the ruling pan, and terrain difficulty. The sheave size is also crucial in determining the block frame. For example, larger sheaves will require more robust frames. The following are the main types of sheaves you can buy from the market today: 1. Adjustable speed sheaves-bored to size. 2. Adjustable speed sheaves. 3. Light duty sheaves-bored to size. 4. Light duty sheaves with variable pitch. 5. Multi-duty sheaves 6. QT-Bushed light-duty sheaves To select the right sheave, it is important to understand the design of your machine, the expected efficiency, and ease of installation. Consider working with a technical expert for optimal efficiency and safety.