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Description: Automation is the process of automatically controlling a power system through control devices and instrumentation. The term automation is at times used interchangeably with substation automation. However, substation automation refers to utilizing data from intelligent devices to control commands remotely. The process of automation comprises of a number of tasks that enable users to monitor and optimize their systems remotely. Here are the main tasks involved in automation. Data acquisition: This involves acquiring data in form of measured analog details to be used locally within the device collecting it. The data can also be sent to another device or substation for use by planners, administrators, operators, and engineers. Supervision: The process of automation is supervised by personnel and computers to monitor how the system is using the pre-acquired data. The supervision is monitored remotely by operators and engineers via computerized displays or front panel displays. Control: Control in automation is the process of sending commands to a device in order to operate in a specific way. This requires supervisors or engineers to run commands from a console on a master computer. The controls can also be run via push buttons. To automate your industrial, commercial, or home system, you need the right equipments and tools. These include industrial PC and Polymer Aluminum Electrolyte Capacitors. You will also need sensors such as Magnetic Switches and programmable displays. Other important automation items include Interface communication equipment, motor drivers, DC-DC converters, power supply, and production control. To make your automation more effective, it is advisable to work with an expert firm that can assess your system, identify what is required, and automate the entire system. Such expert firms also train your staff on automation and diagnostics. They will also be there to repair, upgrade, and replace various components in the case of damage.