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Lighting systems are essential components in various applications, providing illumination for safety, productivity, and aesthetics. The lighting category encompasses a wide range of products, including ballasts, emergency lighting and exit signs, hand lamps and work lights, lighting fixtures, lighting parts and accessories, flashlights, lighting controls, and lamps. Ballasts regulate the electrical current flowing through fluorescent and HID lamps, ensuring that they operate efficiently and emit consistent light. Emergency lighting and exit signs provide illumination during power outages or in emergency situations, enabling occupants to exit buildings safely. Hand lamps and work lights are portable lighting sources utilized in construction, maintenance, and repair applications, providing flexible and mobile lighting solutions. Lighting fixtures encompass a diverse range of products, including indoor and outdoor fixtures for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Lighting parts and accessories include components such as lenses, shades, and mounting brackets, facilitating maintenance and customization of lighting systems. Flashlights are handheld devices that provide portable lighting in a range of settings, including emergency and outdoor environments. Lighting controls encompass various devices used to regulate the intensity and timing of lighting, including dimmer switches, timers, and occupancy sensors. Lamps are light sources utilized in various lighting systems, with options ranging from incandescent and fluorescent to LED and HID lamps. A comprehensive understanding of lighting products and their applications is critical for professionals across diverse industries, such as construction, maintenance, and safety. The appropriate selection, installation, and maintenance of lighting systems can significantly influence safety, productivity, and energy efficiency in various settings.


Flashlights & Accessories

Essential tools in industrial settings, providing portable illumination for inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks in areas with limited visibility.

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Hand Lamps & Work Lights

Lighting devices that provide illumination in various work environments, offering convenience and flexibility for improved visibility and safety.

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Portable lighting devices that provide reliable and efficient illumination in demanding environments.

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Ballasts & LED Drivers

Electrical components used in lighting systems to regulate and control the power supply for fluorescent, HID, and LED lamps, ensuring efficient and stable operation.

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Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Essential safety features, providing illumination and clear guidance, facilitating safe emergency evacuation.

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Lighting Control

Manages lighting fixtures to achieve desired lighting effects and optimized energy efficiency.

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Parts, Kits and Accessories

Components and items used in lighting systems for customization and maintenance.

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Lighting Fixtures

Facilitates optimal light distribution for enhanced productivity and safety.

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