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Abrasives are materials, in most of the cases minerals, which are used for shaping or finishing workpieces by rubbing. The abrasive material removes part of the workpieces through friction to give them a smooth and shiny outlook. Abrasives are used in diverse areas of both industrial and domestic applications. This is one of the reasons why they are produced with diverse chemical and physical compositions. Some common applications of abrasives include sharpening, sanding, drilling, and honing. It is important to point that files are not categorized as abrasives because they use scratching through sharp teeth. One category of abrasive is the natural materials such as garnet, emery, sand, and quartz. But the application of natural abrasives is limited for lack of control over their properties. The other category is artificial abrasives. These materials include boron carbide, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbides. To see the full list of abrasive materials such as abrasive hardware and others, make sure to visit our website.