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Description: Power tools are tools that are actuated by a power source other than hand. They are used in most industries including construction, industrial operations, and gardening among others for actions such as cutting, shaping, sanding, heating, driving, and grinding.Power tools can be classified into portable or stationary models. The hand-held power tools have the advantage of mobility while the stationary models have greater precision and speed. In the case of stationary power tools used for metalworking, they are referred to as machine tools. Today, the most common types of power stationary tools are motors. Unlike in the past when the motors were powered by windmills, the modern motors are mainly driven by electricity. Most portable power tools can be either corded or battery-powered. Other sources of power include compressed air like in the case of paint sprayers, or gasoline in the case of chainsaws.Some of the common power tools include jack hammers, milling and drilling machines, router tables and bandsaws. Make sure to visit our site to see the full list of power tools.