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Description: Bushings, commonly referred as "plain bearings/ sleeve bearings," are vibration insulators that provide some a boundary between two parts of a machine. They help to reduce the energy being transmitted from one component to another and, therefore, reduce the vibrations. The bushings design targets many applications and comes with benefits that are unavailable with the common rolling elements. The main distinction of bushings from the rolling bearings is that they only have one part. This part can be designed with varying materials, layered or even combined to form a load carrying system. Depending on the targeted application, bushings are available for machine use with supplemental lubrication or run completely dry with no lubrication. You can also opt for bushings created with some lubricant, lubricant plugs or designed with low friction coefficients. The bushing material can be machined/cast metals, stabilized polymers, or fiber-wound composites. To pick the correct bushing for your device, it is prudent to understand the application under consideration. There are eight types of bushings available in the market today. The metal polymer composite bushings (plain bearings) are designed with metal backing that is bonded to porous bronze with a thermoplastic-based polymer lining layer. You can also opt for the bronze wrapped bushings that are enveloped from a cold formed homogenous bronze. The bushings can be provided with diamond-shaped lubrication indents depending on the lubrication conditions. Another key bushing model in the market is the filament wound plastic self-lubricating bushings. This category of bushings consists of a continuous-wound glass fiber encased in a high-temperature epoxy resin. The resin is designed with a low friction wear resistant bearing linings. This design helps to support high static and dynamic loads while offering good wear resistance. It is, therefore, a good option for high impact load applications as well as corrosive media. Other types of bushings include the Bi-metallic bushings, metallic self-lubricating bushings, and injection molded plastic self-lubricating bushings.