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Adhesives, Sealants and Tape 171 Items
Description: No matter what you need to stick, mark, fix, seal or stick, this category is packed with adhesives, sealants, tapes, and application equipment for both industrial and home use. Adhesives are sticky substances, stronger than sealants, used to bind two surfaces (objects) together. They are classified depending on their chemistries, form, type, and load carrying capacity. Common types include spray adhesives, fabric adhesives, and polyurethane. Sealants are substances applied to help block passage of fluids via openings or joints. They are formulated to have sufficient adhesion to substances and resist ambient environmental conditions to stay fully bonded for a long time. They also have a filler material made with elastomers to enhance flexibility and elongation. The main types of sealants include one-component such as acrylic solvents and the two-component sealants made of a base component & activator. In cases where sealants or adhesives cannot be used, MROsupply got you covered; you can use tapes. You can opt to use the silicon-based tapes, urethane tapes, or butyl types. To effectively apply sealants or adhesive, make sure to also acquire the right caulk gun, epoxy applicators, or adhesive dispensers. They are designed with barrels, valves, and pressure tanks to help you apply the adhesives/ sealants to the right place for better results.