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Description: Caulks, sealants, and fillers are used to seal joints and assemblies to make them water-tight. Because the primary goal is sealing, they are made using adhesive materials that can resist environmental conditions. Though they perform the same task, they have some major differences. The sealants are made using inert filler materials that are formulated using elastomers to provide them with flexibility and elongation. This makes it easy to apply and close the gaps completely. The sealants fall between the strengths of adhesives on the upper side and caulk on the lower end. Sealants can be categorized into three groups: 1) One compound sealant: If you opt for this type of sealant, you will not need specialized equipment to apply because it comes in a cartridge. Most of them are latex water-based, butyl solvent-based, or urethane. 2) Two components sealants: These sealants are made of two components, a base component, and activator. Therefore, you will need to mix the components and use an application gun. 3) Sealant tapes: These are made using butyl and silicone tapes. However, they are supplied and used on a flexible backing. Unlike sealants, caulks have low strength. However, they are effective in sealing substrates at the glue line and are recommended for preventing moisture from getting into components. They are also good fire barriers.
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Bridgeport DS-500 5 LB DUCT SEAL
Brand Bridgeport
Model DS-500
$9.71 Each
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Bridgeport DS-100 1LB DUCT SEAL
Brand Bridgeport
Model DS-100
$2.22 Each
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$9.07 Each
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