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Description: While these two terms are commonly used interchangeably because they serve the same purpose, they are indeed different. The main difference between sealants and caulks is elasticity. Caulks are relatively rigid when dry, and are recommended for application with minimal expansion and contractions. On the other hand, sealants are designed with flexible materials such as silicon that makes them ideal even for applications that are prone to expansion and contraction. If you opt to use caulks to seal your gaps, they are paintable and smears can be cleaned with water. However, their limited expansion makes them susceptible to cracking especially when the temperature swings. In the case of sealants, the smears can only be cleaned with a solvent. Therefore, which option is better for your facility?To see the full list of available caulks and sealants including Bridgeport FS-1000 FS1000 10.5 OZ FIRESTOP COMPND, and select your preferred option, make sure to visit our site.
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Bridgeport DS-500 5 LB DUCT SEAL
Brand Bridgeport
Model DS-500
$9.71 Each
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Bridgeport DS-100 1LB DUCT SEAL
Brand Bridgeport
Model DS-100
$2.22 Each
Free Shipping orders over $20
$9.07 Each
Free Shipping orders over $20