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Three Alvord-Polk Specialized Cutting and Drilling Tools Will Make Your Job Easier




If you’ve been around the machining world for some time, you should know several rules of thumb that make your work easier. One of these rules includes choosing drills that are made to help your workflow and reduce unnecessary expenses. It’s always nice to have a faster way to accomplish a task. If a machine will make your job easier, grab it with both hands.


Why are specialized Cut and Drill Tools So Important?


Some tools can change how you interact with your work. Using the right tool for a given job can significantly increase productivity and reduce rework while using the wrong tool can result in poor quality, dissatisfied customers, and lost business opportunities.


The quality of your tools for drilling has a significant impact on the quality and cost of your work. A tradition of excellence, Alvord-Polk has been making top-quality products for years.


To provide you with the best option in the market for drilling tools, Alvord-Polk tools are simple, reliable, and effective. Like every Alvord-Polk tool, the drilling tools you can find below are all made from high-quality materials. They’re reliable and effective, offering the best option in their respective categories.





1. Chucking Reamers

HSS Straight Shank, Straight Flute 00111


Alvord-Polk offers a variety of chucking reamers, including taper pin reamers and straight shank reamers such as model NAS897-A-0.2500-S .2500.


High-speed steel (HSS) straight shank chucking reamers are ideal for reaming holes in a variety of materials. The straight shank design provides greater strength, durability, and rigidity when used in both hand and high-speed machine tool operations. The straight flute with the right-hand helix produces smoother cuts, requires less feed pressure, and eliminates unsmooth cutting action. When reaming, always choose the next larger tool to increase the life of the reamer and the hole quality.



2. Capscrew Counterbores


A capscrew counterbore is a specialized tool used to create flat-bottomed holes for (socket head) cap screws. Cap screws are set below the surface of the material being fastened, so a round hole is drilled, then the capscrew counterbore is used to cut a flat-bottomed recess of the correct diameter and depth (based on the length of the screw) so the screw will sit flush with or slightly below the surface of the workpiece.


Alvord-Polk cap screw counterbores come in designs that you can use in hand drills, drill presses, or milling machines. Most models have pilot holes that align the counterbore as it drills into the workpiece. Check out model 401-06 series 401


Alvord-Polk has an extensive line of cap screw counterbores in fractional and metric sizes. They also come in a variety of shank styles (straight, staggered, Weldon, etc.) and two types: solid carbide and high-speed steel with carbide tips. Counterbores made out of carbide are best suited for dealing with hard materials such as stainless steel and butyl rubber sealant.



3. Core Drills

 Alvord Polk 80010.2500


Core Drills are quality-made, coolant-fed hole saws for drilling large, deep holes for structural steel fabricators and metalworkers. When used with a coolant, core drills have the unique ability to enlarge an existing hole with manual or machine operation, without leaving a burr on the backside of the workpiece.


Manufactured for high-torque or portable power drilling machines, Alvord core drills feature a 4 flute design, plain shanks, and right-hand spiral and cut for general purpose drilling. The flute design ensures maximum chip clearance and efficient material handling. These drills come in fractional sizes and can be used with a variety of applications.


Moreover, Core drills can also be used for drilling holes in concrete for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installations. They are commonly used by plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals.


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Tools that have been made with durability and longevity in mind. And let’s face it—nothing is more frustrating than having to replace tools just because they broke at a crucial moment on the job site.


So if you have any doubt about the Alvord-Polk Specialized Cutting and Drilling Tools as quality products, don’t! We believe that they can be exactly what you’re looking for. And if you agree, now is a great time to take advantage of their affordable prices while they are available on MRO Supply!